The STEER project “Supporting the Transition from Education to Employment of youth at Risk” aims at designing, developing, delivering and testing a comprehensive training programme for youth workers in transition planning. Trained youth workers will use this training to support the transition of NEETs and unemployed youth from education to employment


  • Needs Analysis and transfer of know-how and good practices in each partner country through on-line questionnaires
  • Delivering a series of “train the trainers” seminars through blended learning, in each participant country
  • Testing the effectiveness of the STEER training programme in pilot actions that will involve the trained youth workers providing transition support to NEETs and unemployed youth
  • 5 Info days in each country to disseminate the project outcomes


  • Design and development of a youth workers’ training programme that includes modules such as: skills for the future labour market, transition planning, psychological mentoring, developing life management, social skills, soft and transferable skills and provision of career guidance and counselling
  • Creation of an innovative e-training platform and e-portal as well as digital learning contents and guides. The STEER e-training platform will be based on open-source, web 2.0 technologies


Funding institution

DG Education and Culture – Erasmus+ Programme, KA2 Strategic Partnerships for Youth

Project duration

01/06/2016 – 30/11/2017



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