DAPPERTUTTO is inspired by the last 70 years of Danilo Dolci’s work and experiences with the Educational Center of Mirto. It aims to promote a new childhood culture which involves, in a holistic and multidimensional approach, the neighborhood Tribunali Castellammare of Palermo, consolidating the co-responsibility feeling in education within the community. It aims as well at linking together the community’s educational and cultural spaces in a cohesive network, ultimately creating a permanent and widespread community welfare system able to reduce educational deprivation in the area and support families and children in building their future. DAPPERTUTTO responds to the local identified need to “growing up well and together”. Hence, project’s aims are twofold. On the one hand it aims to increase social and physical children wellbeing and achieve the development of their relational, cognitive and movement related skills. On the other hand, the project will address diversity so that it will not be the basis for inequality. This will be achieved by creating shared growth spaces and avoiding the division in first-class and second-class schools and neighborhoods.  In order for this to happen, a complex dynamic process will be put into place. The dynamic process will encompass active participation, institutional policies, pedagogical competencies and a cultural change on the idea of childhood as well as an economic development process.


  • Strengthen educational offer and services geared towards families with children in the 0-6 age.
  • Put into place community welfare strategies which would stimulate a local regeneration starting from education, through the active participation of the locals and the set-up of a network of spaces
  • Improve local families’ social, cultural and educational wellbeing


  • Street-based educational activities, recreational activities, organization of sport activities (e.g. kids’ football team) and competitions.
  • Teachers and educators for children aged 0-6 training and related didactic support workshops.
  • Research group on the 0-6 curricula, composed by educators, teachers and parents.
  • Participative didactic school/family workshops geared towards parents and tutors of children in the 3-6 age range.
  • Positive parenthood workshops aiming at the improvement of the parents/son relationship, sharing of the parental care with the other members of the community and strengthening the sense of belonging within the community.
  • Counselling service and school/territory support geared towards parents and teachers.
  • Health food and nutrition educational activities.
  • Training pathways to support self-entrepreneurship and career development.
  • Support to those parents/kids facing the enrollment of their kids in primary school (5-6 age range).
  • Community mapping and museum/workshop “città educativa” (educational city).
  • Local events to promote the right of the children and the families.
  • Narrative workshops.
  • Children 0-6 tailored library.
  • Holding meetings of the neighborhood committee on education.
  • Community crowdfunding.
  • Dissemination and communication .
  • Impact evaluation.


  • Strengthened parents and teachers’ competences in terms of outdoor, risk, emotion and relations education.
  • Strengthened and better coordinated Neighborhood level educational services.
  • Creation of a year-long participated educational pilot programme for kids aged 3-6.
  • Creation of a 0-6 curriculum to be presented to the institutions.
  • Best practices and informative materials on children nutrition to be shared by parents, schools and kindergartens.
  • Publication of the “Piazza Magione” cookbook.
  • School/parents Counselling service.
  • Career advisory service.
  • Set up and opening of the “bibliofficina” (bookworkshop) book.
  • Map showing educational places within the community and its history/tales.
  • Mobile display on the educational city.
  • 6 publications and videos on the 65 narrative walls created.
  • 2 editions of the social carnival and anti-racist Mediterranean Sea “DAPPERTUTTO” (football tournament).
  • The neighborhood committee on education and the solidarity fund have been created.


  • Project coordinator: Centro per lo Sviluppo Creativo Danilo Dolci
  • Partners: association-committee Addiopizzo, cultural association CLAC, booq, international center of the cultures Ubuntu, Palermo townhall administration, Handala, ICS Amari Roncalli Ferrara, Per Esempio association, SEND, University of Palermo – Psychology, Pedagogy and educational sciences department (evaluator).


Call Childhood 0-6 of CON I BAMBINI social enterprise – fund for the reduction of the educational deprivation among minors.


15/05/2018 – 14/05/2021


CSC: iniziative@danilodolci.org