[English] SLOWMED

[English] SLOWMED

SlowMed project aims at promoting intercultural dialogue and at strengthening Mediterranean cultural identity on the basis of its common culinary heritage. With a total budget of 1.054.599 euro and partners coming from 6 countries, SlowMed will last 2 years.

[English] Youth for Peace: Towards a New World

Organisation of a multicultural youth exchange in Palermo. The participants were 40 young people from Spain, Colombia, Ecuador and Italy.   Program: Action 1, Youth Program   Duration of project: 15 days, August 2004    Objectives: to learn about the situations...

[English] Intercult-rural

This project, co-funded by the Youth in Action Foundation and the Bank of Sicily, was created in order to promote awareness among young people of the importance of their role in processes of change and improvement of their communities. The idea came from analysis of...