The project “Fablab Schools EU: Towards Digital Smart, Entrepreneurial and Innovative Pupils” aims to develop common methodological principles for digital fabrication education across Europe. This new technology that includes programming tools such as 3D programming, 3D printers, lasers cutters presents a pressing need to boost the new generation’s creativity, productivity and entrepreneurial spirit.

The project will develop innovative approaches and cutting-edge ICT-based methodologies to motivate students to learn  and to prepare them for the tech-savvy labour market of the 21st century.  In order to achieve this, a consortium composed of schools, municipalities, regions and resource centres will work closely together to reach an optimal understanding and implementation. Different pedagogical methods for digital fabrication will be experimented in the project.


  • Development of methodological principles for educational digital fabrication
  • Collection of good practices in educational digital fabrication
  • Testing of methods in schools
  • Production of manual and policy recommendations.


  • Development and testing of methodological principles for educational digital fabrication in schools
  • Production of policy recommendations on how to adapt this approach and a common European strategy for Fablab education in schools.


Funding institution

DG EAC Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnerships|School

Project duration

01/09/2016 – 31/08/2018




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