copy-header2Outcomes of the project Il Territorio siamo noi – Laboratori maieutici per ricostruire had been presented on last 3rd and 4th June in L’Aquila, during two days of conferences and meetings. The project has been developed by Associazione Culturale Territori in collaboration with Centro per lo Sviluppo Creativo Danilo Dolci.

The project, started in 2014, has been selected by Ufficio della Partecipazione del Comune dell’Aquila and rated at the highest level of interest. Different workshops – Mutual Maieutic, Theatre and Territory, Young Reporters and Community Maps – have been organised for students and teachers from three schools situated in L’Aquila: the Elementary School Gianni Di Genova, the Junior High School T. Patini and the Secondary School Domenico Cotugno.

These workshops have created a friendly environment in those territories damaged by the terrible earthquake happened in 2009, to educate a new generation of citizens and help them in rethinking their destroyed hometown. The aim of the project was to give children the proper instruments for expressing their abilities, leaning on their own capabilities. The focus has always been on the citizens’ needs, trying to push people involved in these workshops to act responsible toward their hometown.

On the 3rd and 4th June the results of the work already done were collected and participants spread new ideas for the future.

Two days in the name of Mutual Maieutic

The event that took place on the 3rd and 4th of June was promoted by Associazione Culturale Territori, Centro per lo Sviluppo Creativo Danilo Dolci, and also by the associations Teatrabile AQ and Libera Abruzzo.

Activities organised in these two days involved students and teachers from the schools interested by the project Il Territorio siamo noi: so the mornings of the 3rd and 4th June was completely devoted to school meetings, where students themselves had the opportunity of proving their participation in the project. It was a an educational path based on authentic communication, mutual listening, individual and group creativity as a mean of cultural promotion and rehabilitation.

The 4th of June, in the morning, a public meeting was held at Biblipaganica Libera L’Aquila: during this meeting the students from two classes (II I and I H) of the Junior High School T. Patini presented the outcomes of the workshops as well as the Map of Community on the theme of teenagers’ gathering places. At the end of this meeting were organized some working groups aimed at collecting and sharing of ideas and proposals to improve the living and socializing in the area of L’Aquila.

In the afternoons instead several conferences took place at the University of L’Aquila, in the auditorium of the Department of Human Sciences. On the 3rd June was played the docu-film Ri-Torno al Futuro: L’Aquila 5 anni dopo (Back to the Future: L’Aquila 5 years later, directed by Luca Cococcetta and ideated by Alessandro Vaccarelli). This film is an educational path about themes like Outdoor training and active citizenship among the preteens living in L’Aquila. The show was followed by the book launch of Oltre il rischio sismico – Valutare, comunicare e decidere oggi (Besides the seismic risk – Assess, Communicate and decide today, ed. by Fabio Carnelli e Stefano Ventura; Carocci Editore, 2015). This book wants to be an instrument of dialogue and sharing of good practices to prevent earthquakes; it wondering also about who has to act and how to do that, and suggests also interesting considerations about science and citizenship.

The figure of Danilo Dolci as well as his educative commitment were the main theme of the conference Danilo Dolci – L’impegno maieutico e l’educazione trasformatrice (Danilo Dolci – the Maieutical Commitment and the Transforming Education), held at the University of L’Aquila on the 4th June in the afternoon. Speakers talked about historical and pedagogical themes and then they focused on the figure of Danilo Dolci, considering how his thought and his methods could be used to face contemporary emergencies. The docufilm Memoria e Utopia (Memory and Utopia; 2004) directed by Alberto Castiglione, was played at the end of the conference.


The organization wants to thank the School Heads, the teachers and all the students who have joined the project actively and passionately:

Classes IV and V B from the Primary School Gianni Di Genova with the teachers Miriam Anna Del Biondo and Antonella Mammarella – the School Head Agata Nonnati;

Classes I H and II I  from the Junior High School T. Patini with the teacher Maria Ferrari – the School Head Antonio Lattanzi;

Classes IV D e V C  the High School Domenico Cotugno with the teachers Benedetta Colella and Luisa Di Laura – the School Head Angelo Mancini