The idea of proposing in l’Aquila Danilo Dolci’s maieutic workshops is motivated by the necessity to react to the inability to change the relational environment where we live. The goal is stimulating, even within the public and institutional space, authentic communication, mutual listening,  individual and group creativity  as tools of cultural promotion and reconstruction. The maieutic workshops setting is managed by the cooperators of  “Centro per lo sviluppo creativo Danilo Dolci”.

These workshops are scheduled for February 24th 2014: in the morning 2 workshops with students and in the afternoon one workshop with teachers will be held.  The goal of these workshops is contributing to the application of a method useful to educate to creative development. Furthermore, the most important objective is understanding children’s needs, proposals, expectations for the future of our territories, the disadvantages caused by the earthquake, in order to contribute to overcome the need of social and material reconstruction of l’Aquila

Participants of the workshops

AMICO DOLCI President of “Centro per lo sviluppo creativo Danilo Dolci”
ALESSANDRO VACCARELLI Educationalist (Department of Social Sciences, L’Aquila)
LINA CALANDRA Geographer (Department of Social Sciences, L’Aquila)
FABIO PELINI Council member for population assistance – Ricostruzione partecipata Politiche del lavoro – Ufficio della partecipazione (municipality of l’Aquila)
ANGELO VENTI Resposible for Libera Abruzzo – Journalist


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