Discover the Draft of manifesto

In 1986 Danilo Dolci initiated what he called “Bozza di Manifesto” (Draft of manifesto). It was the beginning of a long work time that lasted for 8 years. You may be asking yourself what  he  did  during  this  period.  Danilo  wrote  a  draft  expressing  some  main  ideas concerning the problems that corroded society and relations, and some proposal to solve those problematic situations. Later on this draft was sent to several people (Noam Chomsky, Johan Galtung, Paulo Freire, Scott Kennedy, Franco Alasia, Gilbert Silva Ruiz, etc.) who had the chance to read it and give their own personal contribution, permitting, in this way, to improve the first draft and enriching it. When it was ready, after more than 120 people had contributed to the final text, it became a true “maieutic text” that encompassed the thoughts and feelings of hundreds of people. Even if it was written some years ago, it is still very actual. It offers each individual the opportunity to think about the problems and wounds of the planet and its creatures yet at the same time it encourages positive actions, by showing different possible ways to pursue the search for a new future.

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